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TimS & His Merry Furry Companions

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They're in! He sent them to me!!

Man aren't they cute!

Talk about realistic details! these thingies don't have eyes merely, they have eyebrows!

and smilin' bills? you'd think he put Lancome lipstick on them.

The most serious disadvantage of TimS teasers is they are way too cute to be tossed to the suds.

First Rate Job, Mr. S silicone spearing is in my wallet as we speak.

Sadly unfishable conditions here, I'm sure there would be chunks of ice in the guides.


And TimS thank you. If this fishin business falls on its back you'll be hired to make Muppets in no time at all.

You have a way with bucktail and peacock herl


The way I tricked our fine Host and Benefactor was to come with a predetermined measly budget and ask him to send what he thinks is cool. That limits the possible outcomes to 2 options:

a) you'll be sent what he cannot sell to anyone else

b) he'll put his best foot forward to a new customer


No doubt the latter took place. I've gotten some smilin bills with godzilla hooks in them, which will force me to quit foolin with blue crabs and move up to something evil!


This board gets better by the day, people. Thank you


Very nice typing to Chris_R today in SurfChat


Greetings y'all

Kay Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Lures


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Kay, that's just the way I am, why would I want to send you stuff I can't sell? See, since the beginning, I've promised to only offer for sale the very things that I use, so if a fly/jig/whatever doesn't appeal to you folks, I just have that many more for my own personal use! There's a method to my madness! Nothing goes to waste, if you guys don't think that somethings great offered here, it is still something that I use...saves me time later! Some places no doubt have piles of things that they have no use for, as they most likely have stockpiles of crap they wouldn't even use themselve...that won't happen here biggrin.gif


Thank you for your most generous account of the painstaking care and pride that I put into each creation! If I wouldn't use one, I wouldn't sell it either!


Making muppets? Is there any money in that? wink.gif


I hear you on the ice problems, I'm not fishing either!



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