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Ardmore Bill

Perspectives on C-n-R angling

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Just came across these excerpts in a book I put down last year and never finished - thought I'd post em.


"Catch-and-release angling is becoming a relegion. Although in some instances it is essential to the survival of the species sought, in others its major effect is to cloak its more evangelical practitioners in a mantle of righteousness." Nelson Bryant, New York Times, reprinted in John McPhee's, The Founding Fish, 2002.


"Germany's eternal quest to regulate virtually every aspect of life does not leave the weekend fisherman unscathed...if you fish in Germany, you keep - and eat- what you catch, or you face painful fines...before you head out for a morning of sport fishing, you must have passed a government fishing examination, which includes both written and practical sections. First, you take a thirty hour course on "general fishing" and "specific" fish knowledge, focusing on the individual species you hope to catch - and eat. There is heavy emphasis on environmental safeguards. After the course, you take an exam which you must answer at least forty-five of the sixty questions correct. Then you must pass a practical. The examiner might say to you, "Please build a rod fit for catching fish" which you must do to be awarded a fishing license.


Do not go fishing at this point - you still need a permit - which allows you to fish a particular body of water for a particular time period. Permits are granted only if you prove that you have a "sensible reason" to fish - which always is "menschliche Ernahrung" - for human nutrition. If you attempt to fish without a permit a friendly neighbor will be sure to follow the German tradition of filing a complaint agianst you...and you never, ever throw a fish back...that is a violation of the animal protection law and can be severely punished."


Marc Fisher, Washington Post's Chief German Correspondent, reprinted in John McPhee's, The Founding Fish, 2002.


These were things I didn't know though I knew in general other countries are much more restrictive than here.

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