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Piermont, NY Fishing

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My friend just recently moved to the Piermont, NY just south of Tappan Zee bridge. I plan to visit him Labor Day weekend. Is the Piermont pier worth a visit to catch anything if so what specie? and what rig would you suggest?. Also, any fresh water lake/pond in the area to check out?


thanks in advance!!!

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I fish there often. Not much going on at the moment. Might get on some catfish or if you’re lucky a stripper. Strictly use bait. They won’t touch artificial or plugs. Bloodworms and bunker could be of good use. 

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There will be some bass but it’s early. Menhaden show up in the river late Aug/Sept, so I would chunk bunker

Or skip Piermont and point the car east, Long island sound is <20 miles.
Rockland lake is supposed to be decent, and it has tiger muskys.

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On 7/10/2024 at 6:53 PM, Boston83 said:

any bait & tackle store near by?

Nearest true tackle shop is in Nanuet, about a 10-15 minute drive away. "Art's Tackle & Fly Shop" - good folks, they'll be happy to help.


The time to fish Piermont is really in early spring (Feb-Apr) and, as previously stated, it is a bait n' wait game with bloodworms. Yeah, there are people who fish it 12 months of the year, but they're looking to put anything that swims in their bucket for dinner. Around Labor Day, the water temps are probably in the mid-70's, if not higher. You'll see bunker, but I think targeting striped bass would be a long shot.


Crabbing is another option moving into summer. 

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