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SOL history question, re purple MirroLures (?)

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I'm reminded of this by the Redfin 2.0 thread now on this page.


A long time ago (two, maybe three decades?) a group of SOL posters got together and petitioned Mr. MirroLure (whatever the company was at the time) to make a run of MirroLures in a particular color scheme, a purple tone of some sort. I think the company agreed to do it.


If you were one of the band of brothers .... how did your purple MirroLures work out? Did you get what you wanted, and did they catch?


I have an ancient, 1950s vintage MirroLure from my father. The plastic around the metal core is yellow. I've never fished it, lest it be lost. It's a hairyloom.  :)


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Purple demon.

I got about a dozen of them it was either '02 or '03. Plug and Bill Klein took lead on it i think.

I definitely used them and caught bass and weakfish on them in pretty specific applications. 

I vaguely remember there being a hook/hanger upgrade on the. 

I probably still have one or two still in the package. 


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