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Why is the other point dangerous?

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13 hours ago, BengaliFisher said:

What do you mean by it being like Russian roulette. Could you please elaborate on that? Russian roulette as in 1 wrong step or Russian roulette as in getting caught by a tide on the wrong day?

A little of both but more on current miscalculations, very dangerous for the uneducated. Some veterans of this area have been swept away. 

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22 mins ago, BengaliFisher said:

Definitely boutta listen to his interview during work today

Definitely listen to the interview. Might hands down be one of the most dangerous spots on the island I can think of. I’ve seen way too many guys get pushed and thrown around even on the closer rocks with proper wetsuit and spikes, it’s no joke. I’ve been swept out off of my feet even taking a few steps right into the beginning of the rip I can’t even imagine what it’s like stepping even further. It’s a cool experience walking out there on strong moon low tides and seeing what it looks like out there but I’d consider myself sleeping with the fishes if I was to ever get stuck on a rock on an incoming tide there

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2 hours ago, puppet said:

Even the most innocent looking area can produce current that will take you for a ride....let alone places like O.  Dont take warnings lightly.


There is also potential that any place close to shore can produce current that a human cannot overcome even with dive fins. Some places it can be conditional...and that is what makes it the most dangerous.

Thank you for putting it into perspective, you never would imagine currents to be that strong 

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