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Leader wallets these days

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6 hours ago, LockedDrag said:

Same. I very rarely go through 2 leaders a night but always carry 6-8 leaders in case I run into some “quality” fish. Then I re-tie as needed. Don’t wanna lose a giant by risking using an old leader. Congrats on that 50 btw. I’m hopefully going to join that club soon lol

Exactly, I carry the 3 or 4 spare pre tied leaders (one with a 4" Red Gill teaser attached) plus the one I pre tie after every trip and install on my rod/reel before each new trip....  Thank you

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Thanks guys, I concur with what most here are preaching, my usual setup is to use the flap indide my surf bag to hold a wallet with few leaders.... But I'm looking for a solution for this specific bag. Currently putting 3x3 poly bags in loose, sometimes one comes out impaled on a lure so id like to keep them inside of a small pouch that drains and doesn't catch hooks.


I'm realizing that If this bag had a leader pocket sewn in it under the top flap it would be optimal. Maybe I will do an ugly DIY and ask flatlander Jamie if he could make me one. 


I really like using this bag for this purpose, the plugs and rubber jigs being horizontal is the best way to fit a lot in a small package that's easy enough to access... I have other one and two tube bags and bucktail / utility pouches, but this has been the best for me so far when I'm traveling light



"A jury of flies, likely to condemn and betray all the trouts in the river" - Izaak Walton
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For storage, I just pre tie mine and put them back on the spool with the clip attached to the previous swivel.  If I’m going away for a long weekend, I’ll just grab a spool of 10-15 leaders though I can’t remember the last time I went through more than 3-4 in a day except around seals.

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