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Conventional jigging rod opinions?

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I generally take a Penn Spinfisher and a Trevala jigging rod (spinning model) out with me in the kayak.

Most of my salt water fishing is around the Narragansett RI area.

I’ve been wanting to switch to a conventional (casting reel) jigging rod and am ready to pull the trigger, if I can make up my mind.

I’m sort of torn between the Tsunami Slimwave, that people seem to be raving about, and a second-hand Trevala casting model, to match my spinning model.

The 6’6 MH Trevala is no longer available, I believe, and used ones all seem to fetch $100. 

Any opinions? I’m all ears.

I’d also consider other options, not just the two above.

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Honestly, I don't think it matters. Buy whatever is in your budget, has the right jig weigh range and you like the look of.


Jigging rods, outside of slow pitch rods, are pretty basic.

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The top model Trevala $200+, was a cut above the rest for me. I got that rod on here in the BST for a hun. The step down Talavera is almost as nice for half the price. The Tsunami trophy’s handle length is good for yak use, and the action handles a variety of techniques. The inexpensive Penn Rampage is fairly decent, but the thick, long handle isn’t ideal.

Tis better to remain silent and thought the fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.

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I'd take a look at the Daiwa Harrier jigging rods.  Inexpensive, good quality and a pretty wide selection of different line and lure weight options.  Star Aerial series is comparable to the Trevalas and fairly cheap.  Their Plasma series is a much better rod but over twice the price.  I much prefer a conventional reel for jigging over a spinner, but you can make both work just fine.  I recommend a push button or action bar spool disengagement system over a lever.  It just makes it much easier and faster to drop the jig back down.  Not a deal breaker though.  

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