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Weed wacker

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My view on lawn stuff has shifted.


I have a service, so no need for gasoline for the mower.


I think it would be good to have an electric leaf blower for quick jobs, and an electric chainsaw, again, because I don't keep gas in the shed anymore.


So, if you have and need gas for other equipment, then stick with gas.  If not, electric. 


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What battery powered weed wackers are as powerful as a gas ww?

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5 mins ago, Jetty Jumper said:

What battery powered weed wackers are as powerful as a gas ww?

I have a 72 volt Snapper weed whacker and blower.  

The weed whacker is no smaller or lighter than an average gas machine, but it’s plenty powerful. It’s quieter and more convenient but no fun to use due to it’s size. 

I run it for about 45 minutes to do the whole place, charge the battery while I’m mowing and blow things off afterwards. 

Not into the gas for small machines anymore. 

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Just string trimmer and not a big yard go electric.  I have straight shaft gas and use the clearing blade more than string.  They also make a fine hedge clipper for it if you have use.  

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I, reluctantly, purchased a nice cheap Dewalt battery electric trimmer a couple years ago - I still have two functional gas powered trimmers. The only one I use is the battery trimmer - even though I wanted to hate it. I can't do my whole yard with one battery - so rather than buy two batteries, I trim about 1/3 of the yard before I mow. Like all the lights, around the trees and fence and the driveway. Then I put the battery on charge and mow the lawn. By the time I'm done with the lawn, the battery is charged and I can finish the yard. If I wasn't so cheap I'd buy another battery :o 


The head on the Dewalt battery trimmer is garbage - I've replaced it three times in two years - it only costs like $25 on Amazon, but it's aggravating - lots of my trimming is done along the driveway and street and sidewalk in my yard - when you bump the head on the gournd to feed more string, the head is damaged. After a while the damage adds up and the cheap plastic head explodes. Overall, it's not that big of a deal, I keep an extra head in the garage....and if you don't have a lot of concrete or asphalt it would never be a problem...but it is something folks should be aware of :) 

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