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Long Cast Reel

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Hi All


I Hope everybody is in good health and catching more fish


I am about to buy ; PENN Spinfisher VII Long Cast reel and the size will be 6500 ... what type of brided line is the best for this reel giving that my main important issue is to increase the distance when casting ? also what type of rod is a good match to this reel?


Thank you all


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If you are going to fish with it 20lb is good up to 4oz…….30lb 5/6oz

at least an 11’ rod, preferably 12-13”

a fast action rod best for distance…….med/fast is good for.

distance and fights fish nicer.

this is basic advice as there are many variables to take into consideration

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Thanks for your quick reply


I am looking for more detailed information like the name of brands to use for the fishing line ? which is better and why ? 


I am going to use a rod of 5 meters or so 


I am not targeting to catch sharks or anything like that ... small to medium fish is what I am looking for ... maybe from time to time some 1 meter barracuda at the best 

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A rod that is 5 meters will require a strong top shot …. Then the main line …. At 5 meters I recommend the main line threaded thru a top shot 8-9 meters of 60 lb hollow core .. The main line  should be threaded the entire length of of the top shot finnished with a thin minute film of gorilla grill… there are no knots … when you snap off during a cast the weight will fly parrell down the beech .i would be looking for a conventional reel with mono mag controls … 

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The following are the specifications for the reel: 


620/20 430/30 355/40


450/0.31 335/0.36 300/0.38


Which line is better for such reel ?


YGK P.E Line G-Soul X8 Upgrade : 50 lb 

Berkley X9 Braided Fishing Line - 9 Strand : Line weight   30 pound

SufixNanoBraid Breaking strength  : 14 Pounds






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If it’s only a choice out of the three braids listed, I would have to go with the Berkley x9.

The 14 pound sounds too weak and thin.

The X9 is nice and smooth and holds up well.

I would also suggest, getting a roll of at least 50 pd braid, for a shock(casting)leader.

Sometimes, I use mono for my shocker, other times, I’ll use real heavy braid. This all depends on where I’m fishing, and what I’m fishing for, and also, the distances needed to be achieved. Usually I’ll use 30 to 60 pd test for mono, and can be anywhere from 50 to 200 pd test for braid for the shock leader.


As for the rod, said you want to go 5 meters.

That’s just a little over 15 1/2 foot, that surely is a long stick to try and load up lol! 
Can’t offer too much advice here, only on a few that I own. I’ve thoroughly casted and own a 15’ Daiwa Saltiga Ballistic rod, and it’s absolutely a frigging beast to handle, let alone cast, with a bait lol. But, overall a great rod.

Honestly, I would try to go with a 3 pc. 14 foot Continental rod. I have a 14’ Akios Fury 420, With two tips. I can easily throw anywhere, from 2 to 10 ounces with those tips, really did get to like this rod. And I use it universally as well, Conventional by day, spinning at night.

I know they also had the Fury in a 4.5m.

Also, have the 14’ Akios Hellrazor as well, another continental rod, good for 4-8 too.

Go check out the Akios rods, They pretty much have a rod for any budget, big or small.

If you’re looking to go cheap, you could check out the Fiblink rods, decent rods with a great warranty and price. And I do own and use them as well.





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