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Line roller Bearing Penn Slammer 3500

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Try a drop of oil on the roller, you can back the screw out a half turn or so to give some space for the oil to get in and then use some extra line to spin the roller. if that doesn't fix and you really cant stand it, you can send it into penn but the turn around time might be longer than you want. I havent tried changing out the roller so i can't give any advice on that 

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On 6/20/2024 at 9:09 AM, sinfish said:

One splash on my new slammer and the roller bearing is making noise.  Does anyone know of an upgrade or a place in the seabright area where I can get one?

Prolly salt on there but,salt will get it there in normal use anyway.

The first thing I'd try is a drop of 3in1 oil or any oil even motor oil.

If it still makes a hiss then salt screwed it up and you'll need a new one.


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