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WTS Abel Fishing Pliers with Sheath and Lanyard

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IMG_1781.jpeg.24057f58ed4f18d2ea112a6709f15514.jpegGot these from my Dad who received them as a gift many years ago.

He never really used them and they are in overall excellent condition.

There is a bit of discoloration on the jaws but it isn’t pitting or corrosion.

The jaws are straight and true and their machining still appears to be sharp and unworn.

The pliers open and close with a buttery smooth action.

I’m thinking that there are bearings inside the joint. 
There are some slight scratches on the anodizing where the jaws are.

Its very slight and does not effect function at all but it is there so I’m mentioning it.

The line cutters will cut heavy mono and wire but they don’t handle braid at all.

They aren’t dull or worn, they just stink for braid.

I don’t believe Abel makes pliers anymore but I do know that replacement jaws were available so perhaps Abel

has better cutters available.

I never liked pliers for cutting line anyway.

The leather sheath and lanyard are also in great shape.

The sheath has darkened from age but it’s not dried out or worn.

I’ve seen these offered elsewhere for much more and they weren’t in the shape that these are in.


$200 plus shipping and they’re  all  yoursIMG_1781.jpeg.24057f58ed4f18d2ea112a6709f15514.jpegIMG_1782.jpeg.4a045b3673c44946caadca62a410b8dc.jpegIMG_1787.jpeg.67161867070d0cd8ff36edbe2d544db7.jpegIMG_1796.jpeg.b2d2245424c1b82f41d3ccd775862dc0.jpegIMG_1810.jpeg.b00366401608a44dd0b3ddf4b7eaff28.jpeg




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2 hours ago, Fergal said:

Offer $100?

Thanks for your offer but I think I’ll keep it at $150.

They’re in almost new condition and I’ve seen them listed elsewhere for more than double what I’m asking.

But I do appreciate your offer.

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