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Pleasant Bay in early October

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Have been to the Cape for donkey’s years in the spring but never in the fall.  Will be staying in Pleasant Bay in early Oct…very close to the inlet.


Not a fishing trip, just my wife and I, so will only be able to fish in front of our rental.  Have no idea what to expect for bait or flies to use..

any suggestions?

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Around the estuaries entrances in the fall.  Crab  flies and Shrimp flies have been good for some folks.  Intermediate or sinking lines...bring an extra spool.......

Currently have aphasia.    Aphasia is a result of my head stroke causing a bleed.   Happened in my Maine vacation in July (2021).   Lucky me less than 1% of people get stroke aphasia.  :(      I'm making project but have been told this is easily 5 months to 1 year for this to improve.   Until then hope you don't mind making sense with what I text.   HT

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2 hours ago, flyfishvt said:

Thanks Shadow...so, flies that imitate peanut bunker, silversides and sand eels??  Any other baitfish that are present in the fall that I should have flies for?

You never know what will blow through in the Fall. I've had atlantic saury,butter fish,tinkers,etc. show up over the years. Flies up to 8-10" just in case then the small stuff as mentioned.Poppers too.

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I would use a 16 wt rod

With some 16 inch striper Flys.

Maybe some blueish flys,also

Hopefully the trophy seals are running  and you can get a 300 lb'r


 Sorry had to.

Anyway nit sure where your staying but there is a few good spots to fly fish that alot of fly guys go to


Plug Ho!


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I’ve been going to the Cape in early October for 25+ years, the fishing can be great, or it can absolutely suck, too many variables to mention. Pleasant bay has several spots that I most always fish and I use pretty much the same flies that I use in early June.  There are lots of other places around Chatham that are good in addition to PB.


Our tradition is that of the first man who sneaked off to the creek when the tribe did not really need fish. Haig-Brown
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