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How do you protect your tomatoes in a storm?

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Here is what I threw together ahead of today's "severe thunderstorm"..... 

I will redo the cover when not pressed for time, like I was this morning. Used old shrink wrap that is readily available at boatyards.

2x3 lumber. I will raise the ridge supports as the plants grow above the tomato cages.


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I haven’t done anything except put them in cages.  I got the ones I have at Depot or Lowe’s years ago and haven’t seen them since, they’re square and something close to if not 1/4” wire.  You need something stronger than the regular wire cages.

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Even though they are in a cage I tie them off every couple feet. You can trellis several on one cage.

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It was blowing pretty good today, mine in pots seemed fine. I've had my barrel of climbing zucchini with a 6 ft trellis blow over! They cover the trellis. I've been doing this a long time, that kid is now 25! Also, FWIW, I've recently ditched the cages and ordered a bunch of 4' fiberglass poles for $1.50 each and use 3 or 4 per pot. I let them grow only like 3 arms, and constantly snip the suckers. The poles make it easier to see what's going on. 



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On 7/5/2024 at 8:02 AM, ResearchinStuff said:

Indeterminate tomatoes can't be caged, they need a trellis and twine. This year I'm running an experiment to see if expanded polypropylene netting can be substituted. 



looks good. if you have a structure like you do, cotton yarn (cheap, soft. find in stores for a dollar most of the time) laced through the plants and secured on the top 1x6 would work too. 

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