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Palestinians and Israelis

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at the risk of upsetting everyone I have a few observations.  The Israelis have managed to make them selves into the bad guys after having terrorist's cross the border and murder and abduct civilians.  They have done this by using extremes force to kill many many times the amount of their citizens that were killed in the initial attack.  Question If I punch you in the nose are you allowed to cut my head off in reprisal?  That being said it is true that the terrorists hide in the civilian population making it difficult to avoid collateral damage.  Furthermore I was thinking about united states history.  We killed many civilians during the second world war.  We dropped incendiary bombs Dresden (non military target in Germany and on other cities in japan.  We burned those cities to the ground.  just wondering.  my point is that we {the united states] have responded in similar manner when America has been attacked.  Just wondering

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war is hell. You have to have the mentality that you kill as many as you can so you can get home. It's like a house in the war zone, you go in the front door do what you have to do and get out the back door to go home if you're lucky.

Capt, Frank Mundus. The man, the myth, the legand.
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you only believe the Jews are the bad guys bc you believe what you’re told. That makes you kind of an idiot. They put up with a lot and have been pretty understanding to put it mildly, like when they let 2m pali’s into Israel and it turned into a bloodbath. Not the first time either, read up on the Oslo accords and get your history before swallowing whatever they feed you. Think

confirmed problematic

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2 mins ago, TimS said:

It can swing all it wants, Israel won't - and shouldn't - stop until every last Hamas POS is dead.

how will they know when that happens?

is there some HUD body count like in a video game?


when Israeli forces kill a lot of innocents, it damages their PR standing in the world,

just because people of a certain ilk here doesn't care, doesn't mean nobody does.

Eggy 10-13

LAA 7-14

50-50 2-15

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