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Sharks and Cancer

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I've heard that, and it's the reason that the snakeoil salesmen were selling shark cartilege pills for a while, but I have no idea whether or not it is true.

"I have always believed that outdoor writers who come out against fish and wildlife conservation are in the wrong business. To me, it makes as much sense golf writers coming out against grass.."  --  Ted Williams

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I can't link it, but I found a good article in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute titled "Sharks do get cancer: Few surprises in cartilage research" that gives more info on the topic regarding how this belief came to be and the results of some experiments on the subject. If you wanted my non-professional but well informed opinion, I think that they have either a really good system for detecting and repairing mutated DNA, the ability to repair telomeres (end caps of a gene that serve as protection for the sensitive information in the gene), and/or their cells replicate real slowly. 

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