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Stradic on sale at Digitaka

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No real major drastic changes with update. 

haters will always hate. trolls will always troll. its how the internet works.

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Posted (edited)
9 hours ago, kooch said:

Isn't a Stradic sw just a Saragosa with different paint.?

The drag is different. Alan Hawk has a full comparison  on his blog. 

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Spheros, Stradic sw and Gosa have different gear ratio options in the same size reel, typically with more choices in the JDM flavor. Those reels are similar, practically speaking, knobs, colors and drags can vary, but that is not an issue for many.

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Thanks for the heads up.  Grabbed a 23 Stradic for my kid’s birthday.  Good deal, great timing.  

what’s the consensus on the 23 Stradic vs the older model it replaced?  I know the predecessor was well liked.  Any known issues with the newer ones?

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