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WTB - Inshore Spinning Rod

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9 hours ago, Boston83 said:

Looking for a 7’  

3/4 - 1 1/2 or  2oz

MH spinning rod. 

will be using on boat


I have 2-3 rods to choose from that will fit that application. I'm headed out for a bit, but will lay out some offerings later this afternoon. I'm on the So. Shore so we can figure out some place to meet.

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Sorry for the delay. Had to organize my boat after a day on the water. 

I have 2 rods I'll offer. The 3rd I decided to keep. It is a custom that I had made for my Dad. He passed away, so it has sentimental value.

1. A G Loomis GL2 LR844S 7' Heavy, Moderate Fast Action rated 3/8-2 1/4 oz. There are a couple scratches mostly around the reel seat from being in a rod holder. The rest including the guides are in great shape. Please excuse the reel. I was too lazy to remove it for the pics. Lol

2. Magic Tail Inshore Series. 7' M rated 1-4 oz. This rod has only been used a couple times and been sitting in the rack. Despite the higher ratings, this rod does well even at the low end of the ratings and easily handles the upper range at the same time. I put Winn Grips Tape on the handles, but the factory grips are brand new underneath. Nice rod.

If we meet up, the prices on each are $125. I would have to add extra for shipping if that were to be requested.










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