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Aluminum Boat - Bunk or Roller Trailer ?

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14 mins ago, FishMeister said:

Hi All,


Looking at picking up a new trailer for my 80's 17' aluminum center console.


What would your preference be for trailering, a bunk or roller trailer?  The whole boat/motor/fuel/gear is no more than 1100 lbs at any given time.


I've been looking at Loadrite trailers but am open to others as well.

I do full time hauling. Bunks are cheaper to run over the long haul for me. I can pick up a 16' aluminum boat in 6" water from a beach.  I had a roller trailer with my north coast when a wheel went down? It can turn into a problem. I carried extra wheels. Not cheap. 

Last year I bought bunk rollers. Got em cheap used for 50 bucks. Put it in place of the carpet bunks. Had to do a little modification. Easy off! For an old boat it was perfect. For my new boat? Not entirely sure if it will leave bumps. Maybe , maybe not. I will tell you this. I have to put some effort to get my boat off. Maybe try some bunk slicks.  I may start doing the speed up and reverse and fast stop to get nudge the boat loose with a rope lassoed onto the trailer winch area.










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I've added bunk slides to my carpeted bunks to keep the saltwater off the hull. I didn't have a problem launching and retrieving before, but now it's like shooting the boat out of a circus cannon. Would recommend, and you keep the greater surface area in case you're worried about developing little dents where the rollers would sit.

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Check out Ultimate Bunk Boards. I replaced my carpeted bunks with them. They are not as slippery as bunk slicks but you don’t need to replace them ever and no carpet. 

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