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Sea run cutthroat trout in the NW and then whatever else is available

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A question from my adult nephew about said trout, and whatever else he might find from shore (fresh or salt) within a couple of hours of Seattle.


What constitutes a good outfit for cutts from shore? And what other fish are worth chasing from shore in that area?


California halibut, but does anything else come to mind?

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When I was a kid my dad and I fished for pink salmon in the surf near a river mouth in the general vicinity of Seattle (no idea which river though). Incredibly fun. The pinks only run every other year though—pretty sure it is odd number years but I could be mistaken.


I believe we were using 6 wt rods with floating lines and small pink streamers in late August. It was so long ago that the specific details on the setup could be a figment of my imagination.


woild highly recommend looking into this. They were dime bright and very feisty.

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Possible but highly unlikely to catch a California halibut from shore in Washington state, especially on fly gear.

Without leaving the city, you could catch the following from shore depending on the year.

Coastal Cutthroat - Salt and freshwater



Chinook - possible but not likely

LM & SM bass




Salmon fishing for coho is now open in Marine Area 10, which Seattle is in. The best area for beach salmon fishing is Marine Area 9, which is just north of Seattle and opens in mid July. Well within his two hour radius. Smaller resident hatchery coho will be available in July with the first push of larger ocean coho coming into the sound from the straits starting in early August. There is a small number of even years pinks, but the odd years have the larger runs. Last years  forecast was about 4 million.

A seven is a bit much for searun cutts, but would work and be a good rod for salmon. Most folks use 5 or 6 wts. I fish a 6 wt pretty much 100% of the time, but really only fish saltwater anymore. The 6 is better than a 5 when the wind is blowing, which it does quite often.

6 wts are kind of the duct tape of fly rod wts out here in my opinion.

A full intermediate or type 3 integrated lines the OBS etc is what most people use for beach fishing. He’ll need a stripping basket as well to help with line management.


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