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Jackson Hole, Grand Teton, Yellow Stone and Glacier National Parks.

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Round 2 is on, we did round one last year if you recall at Bryce, Zion, Grand Canyon, Segura and Tomb Stone.

Let Philly airport and had a short layover in Chicago. Then onto Jackson, Wy. Probably 6 hours total, 2000 miles and arrived in Jackson at 12:30 PM. Step off the plane onto the tarmac at Jackson airport surrounded by snow covered mountains. Absolutely beautiful and awe inspiring. 
Some photos here…,






"Candide et constanter"

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We head to Jenny Lake and see that you can take a short boat ride across the lake to see “ Inspirational Falls” one of the highlights of the Park. 
My wife Trish doesn’t do boats so I never considered it plus we weren’t hiking. Long story short she wants to see the waterfall so we go. 
Guide tells us half way across 5 bears spotted on the trail this morning, don’t panic, leave them alone if you cross them. I’m thinking yeah sure, sales pitch. We arrive and you got to hike about a half mile up the mountain to see the falls. Trish has defibrillator and HCM but insist she can do half mile trek, really wants to see the damn waterfall! 
Off we go and it really is pretty beautiful, takes us a long time with numerous stops to catch our breath but we finally made it.











"Candide et constanter"

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So far, so good. There is a cool lookout another half mile up the mountain but we’re good. Saw several falls, got some good pictures and we start the decent back down. If you notice in these next couple pictures the trail has stone steps that are quite uneven so I’m trying to keep an eye on my wife so she doesn’t trip. 




"Candide et constanter"

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Absolutely awesome Sarge :kissthrow:

Have a blast! 

"You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end -- which you can never afford to loose -- with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they may be .."

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We’re about halfway down when I noticed a backlog of people stopping so I figured they were taking pictures of the lake or waterfalls. The woman in front of me turns around a screams “run! There’s a bear and cub on the trail coming this way!” I wear a hearing aide so I don’t think I heard her right and I turn to ask Trish what did she say and I see my wife laying on the narrow stone path face down! She apparently did hear it right and turned to run and face planted from being so scared. I go to her and say are you okay and she says no, can’t breathe, hit her defibrillator and can’t move her arm. The woman who said run is screaming get up, the bears coming and tramples over us. I’m trying not to laugh because my wife is hurt and can’t move and thinking how am I gonna fight a mother bear so it doesn’t maul her. I’m imagining this wild beast mauling people on its way up to get us. It was a full blown stampede of tourist running up the mountain so I thought I was gonna have to fight a bear with no weapons or bear spray. She couldn’t breathe or walk, flight turned to fight mode. 
After 5 minutes I didn’t see any bear coming after us so now I got to evaluate her injuries. Defibrillator seemed okay, no bleeding , sore arm, chest and shoulder. Can’t lift her arm but can walk. We’re half way to the boat, I’m not going back. Couple of young guys pass us and I tell them the story, they go and yell up it’s all clear!

"Candide et constanter"

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The guy who was recently saved was a well prepared hiker and veteran. Mama bear got on him so fast he had no time to deploy his bear spray. She knocked him around and chomped on him pretty good. He took the beating then got on his belly, tucked in his chin and covered his neck with his hands. Luckily he still had the canister in his hand and the bear bit it. That was enough to get her off him and on the run. He was fortunate. That is a beautiful part of the world. 

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We think she might have a broken rib but wants to gut through the trip.

 I ll see how she feels in the morning to see if we need to get to an urgent care. 
Onto Yellowstone tomorrow for 4 days where the Buffalo can gore you!

We had a good laugh and hit the hotel bar for some Jamison/ beers and tell are kids a great bear story!

"Candide et constanter"

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