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We Have Arrived……pic

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See should have brought your own travel chair ya wimp! Have a warm beer for the crew!


There's no need to blow smoke up my ass as a lengthy preamble to your insulting another person. It doesn't fool anyone and it doesn't garner any favor.


TimS ---Tim To Otshawytsha October 16 2018 #3956

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56 mins ago, rockyoutdoors said:

Overnight flight to London flying premium economy wasn’t too bad. I am glad Mrs rocky did not listen to me and ordered the wheelchair service at the airport. We had the furthest terminal from baggage claim and it was quite a distance. From the train station to the hotel sucked. I had to hobble on my crutches and mrsrocky had to drag two wheeled suitcases 7/10ths of a mile because there was a fire on the underground train that would have dropped us off a half of a block from our hotel.


More to add to my first day report but heading out to go to a Phillies pep rally in Trafalgar Square.




There are people there that would be happy to take you to the front door of the hotel. Just saying...:wave:


image.jpeg.3848ec3b8ba0d5aad14b7a4d99f1cbe3.jpegThis 1967 London Taxi Is at Home in the Bay Area Fog - eBay Motors Blog

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