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Germany, May 19th. 2024

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Last week I had an extended weekend due to a public holiday and a day off.
The early success at the chub spot motivated me to visit that spot again.
The section above the weir / fish ladder was again empty with only some tiny
bleak (smallest shiner species) picking up stuff from the surface.

The best I could do was one small chub from the bank.
Fishing a dry like a sedge or large mayfly pattern was futile so I switched to
tossing small black streamers in the pools of the fish ladder.
That worked but not as intended, I hooked something but not the desired species.

I had actually hooked a pike and it was quite big.
With no trace and not that strong tippet I thought I would be cut off any minute.
But for some reason luck was on my side and I could counter all sudden runs of the
pike. I even managed to keep up as the pike went over two of the boulder weirs.

At the second weir the pike was showing signs of tiring and just maybe I could land
that fish.

That landing proofed to be a challenge as my landing net was designed for
chub and not a rather large pike.
In the end was able to slide the fish on the bank, a post spawn fish so pretty skinny
but still measuring 70cm.

When I battled the pike I noticed a second pike be it smaller in the same pool.
Not what I wanted but I commenced fishing and when I hooked the second fish
in that pool it turned out to be a nice chub.
After the second fish I had one chub following the fly but no take, action then died down.

Looking at the skies I saw thunderclouds brewing so I moved to a spot where
in case of a downpour I could shelter.
There where plenty of chub moving on this spot but the dry fly only yielded one small fish.
I switched to a small mop fly and that yielded another larger chub, no luck with the monsters though.

The skies opened and boy it poured with thunder directly overhead, luckily I could shelter
under a bridged.
It seemed wise to wait out the storm and call it a day as other storm cells where en route.















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