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Home Intruder

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The village, which had stood for maybe 1,000 years, didn't know we were coming that day. If they had, they would have run. boB was at the eye of our rage. And through him, our Captain Ahab. He would set things right again. That day, we loved him.

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no excuses nowadays.. just like car dashcams.

we all also must install a DVR CCTV for our homes. 

a camera on each corner, another at common entry points.

install yard lights. LEDs cost pennies to run.

dont set the cameras too high up.

near face level for best possible image capturing.


3" screws in the door frames, hinges, and strikers.

and those removable security door latches you place on the floor.


inside, bare minimum, a gun, machete, or bat near your bed or accessible area.


sounds weird in a home, but im a fan of man trap doors.  they dont take up that much more sq ft in the foyer.

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haters will always hate. trolls will always troll. its how the internet works.

(previously known as 'ooeric')

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5 mins ago, Scallywag said:

My sister has a pit mix. She barks but she's not stopping anyone from coming in. 



I had 2 dogs the same way but I was the only one on the street that dint get broke into.

"You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end -- which you can never afford to loose -- with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they may be .."

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The sad thing is in NJ you would be in jail if you shot him, he was only looking for a cup of sugar.

There's no need to blow smoke up my ass as a lengthy preamble to your insulting another person. It doesn't fool anyone and it doesn't garner any favor.


TimS ---Tim To Otshawytsha October 16 2018 #3956

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