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Homemade RV guide? Plausible?

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I have been watching videos of RV guides and the Zenaq RGs. And I could hear the line slap on my stripper guide last year hard casting my 9’6” AWE w/ the VR75 and that’s a kw30 I believe. 

I started thinking about the benefits of the first guide in reverse. I had a Fuji kw 20 or a 25 sitting around - it was the stripper guide from a busted Shimano Speedmaster. It’s on the small side but it’s also the same size as the one on my Majorcraft 1002.


  • I grinded off the single leg making it a single foot guide.
  • As it will be in reverse, I bent it to lean opposite so it’s still slightly away from the reel.
  • The plan is to wrap that on at the stripper guide location with the two leg side facing away from the reel. 
  • Hopefully, it chokes line without as much slap with reduced obstructions around the outside of the first choke point. 

— — —

For reference, Zenaq RG guides are designed & wrapped with the single foot on the far side away from the reel. (My initial version isn’t a “high” guide - so maybe a KLH could be in the future plan?)



Here is the result of grinding & bending. It’s taped on for proof of concept. (Excuse the ugly tape & sharpie.)


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Feel free to laugh. I have thick skin, usually. Lol. 

My first “build” - albeit incomplete- was a rewrap that turned out ugly but I figure it’s baby steps. 

I will be testing this idea on an existing factory rod at their stripper guide location. 

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or, if you want a single foot, just use a KL-H.  they work wonderfully, and there's no reason not to use them in the normal, forward swept configuration.

I've done stuff I ain't proud of, and the stuff I am proud of is disgusting.

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On 5/31/2024 at 2:04 PM, Gundalba said:

Just built one with RVs and went out couple times fishing on it.

Not too sure on its benefits so far though.

I mean it casts nice and all but not much difference over MN for example...




Stripper guide? Smallish?

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