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Frustrated with fishing access… my crappy canoe is a blessing

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I wanted to get a little fishing time in before the surf fishing starts.

i always liked being a minimalist, one rod and a couple lures and I really like just stopping somewhere and making a few casts but unfortunately shore access is really limited.

so I dusted off the old crappy canoe… and wow, they really did make them nice years ago.

it’s a weird looking canoe “ sportspal”, it’s super beamy and has foam sponsons along the outside. 
 It’s not built for speed but it’s super light (it says it’s 34 lbs) and very stable.  As a weak old man I can actually lift it and put it on the rack of my truck.


with the craziness of some of the “popular” places it’s nice sliding into a pond and trying to fool a couple bass.

ive never really spent time with a baitcaster so I figured I’d spend a little time throwing chatterbaits and swim jigs… and when I’m get frustrated pulling up globs of slimy weed , I’ve been having fun with a heddon spook (the fish really do like them).


im not sure why I’m even writing this post … I just wanted to share that it’s really really nice sitting up in a canoe and floating around the lily pads.  My joints are stiff and being a little higher in the canoe is a lot more comfortable than a kayak.


i hope you guys are enjoying the nicer days.

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Even though the canoe is nice for sitting, when there is a breeze it does catch you and you tend to spin (the cinder block in the front is a big help).


even though last night I didn’t catch anything , it was the first night that I didn’t get any backlashes with the baitcasting reel.  I’m learning how to use my thumb.



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