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The best relationship channel on Youtube is hoe_math.

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1 hour ago, Otter said:

It’s wild out there. Single moms are really the best. This guys funny but it can all be summed up by that quote from heat 


"I ain't feelin' no ways tired....."

"The toothless, braindead, *********, geriatric mouthbreathers around here love their "safe space". It is the only place in the world where they feel like winners, the gracious thing to do, would be to let them enjoy their delusional reality."


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1 hour ago, Otter said:

And after divorce, raise kids and find yourself single and unsupervised…? Try to find her again or have ho es in different area codes? Simple math 

Guys that didn’t get divorced and had the time of their lives will never understand. Sound like you and I went through it around the same time frame when online dating first took off. Fish in a barrel and barrels everywhere best describes it. 

I had my fun, let some great ones go because I wanted more fun and met the right one at the right time and have my sons to show for it. I don’t know if I could have been content with the three or so keepers I let go not being  done getting everything out of my system. 

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