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The canal rumor, myth, the legend...he lives!

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Roosters suck!   They can be mean bastards if they have a few hens to look out for.   I've had them come off a roost in a coop, spurs out heading right for your face.   And some of those spurs are like finishing nails.

Does anyone know where the love of God goes when the waves turn the minutes to hours?

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Posted (edited)
4 hours ago, Running Ape said:

I’ve seen it a few times over the past month. It’s a bit surreal when it’s on the hood of a white suv.

Ah, the "white SUV".:laugh:   Yes, you have seen him then.


That's Mr Rooster's caretaker. He lives there. Harmless.  The guy in the white SUV is another canal character. He's worthy of his own thread.

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The Sultan of Sluggo

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17 hours ago, foxfai said:

That's one pretty bird lol.

It really is.  Reminds me of a black and white  Japanese Bantam rooster I had. 


It's looking like it's in really good condition too.  Big comb like that usually gets discoloration at the tips from frostbite if they're out all winter with no coop.

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18 hours ago, FoulHooker said:

I am surprised one of the foreign people who come up behind you with a trash bag and ask for your fish; would have eaten it by now

They don't eat roosters. They use them for some underground ring.... :cool:

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