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Well Great Lakes steelhead season is quickly coming to a close. It’s been a long nine months to say the least. The good news is we had a pretty strong start of  the season with fish  on the Catt coming in early sept and fairly decent flows on the Salmon River during a majority of the fall run. I even hooked into a double digit fish in October that jumped three times  unfortunate I also almost lost my boot while fighting the fish and thus becoming unbottoned but that’s fishing. Winter season started off good for the most part but that was short lived as I decided to head to. Michigan and that’s when things took a turn for the worst but a learning experience non the less. I learned that in Michigan you really need a boat and the right guide if you a travling to the northern part. While I didn’t get any steelhead while I was there I did work on honing my streamer game and even had some chrome chase my D&D.Another positive was I did get to meet Greg Senyo who has been a big influence on my tying so I’m happy with that too  Chances are I will be back there again but until then I will be working on getting steelhead on a striped streamer. After Michigan I ended up getting Covid three times and the weather was a bit of an issue so that limited a lot of my fishing time there. While it wasn’t a lights out season it was a decent season and probably could have been better if things played out differently. My most productive flies were a black hobo Spey, chartreuse AI and white foxtail marabou tube. The season isn’t quite over but after this coming weeekend of course crap weather for me the warter will get a bit warmer and that will signal an end of the Great Lakes chrome chasing. On deck will be Atlantic salmon in Canada and on the great lakes with trout Spey and streamer fishing in the Catskills and probably a sprinkling of striped bass fishing. Finally in full disclosure I did land one fish on a single hand rod only because I was sight fishing to them which is a fun way to catch them. Next years goal is to mainly skate flies until mid November  









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