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Cross over lures, one lure that catches freshwater and salt water bass, what gets your vote?

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I have a few that have caught fresh and saltwater bass with consistency- albie snax, zoom flukes, rebel jumping minnows, etc…but by far the most versatile lure I’ve used in fresh and saltwater water are rapala x raps, in sizes 8 and 10, in ‘ghost’ (which is actually pearl) pattern. I’ve caught lg and sm mouth bass, rainbow trout, landlocked salmon, pike, pickerel sea run browns, snook, lg jacks, stripers, blues, bonito, false albacore, Spanish Mac’s, fluke (in shallow water), hickory shad, sea robins, ladyfish, and a host of other species I’m missing right now.


But with that said, I’m not that crazy about using lures with double trebles too often, and while I’ve used them a lot in the past, nowadays, I only carry a couple at a time, and break them out only during times of desperation 

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I use gliders to target musky, I have a few larsons that I like a ton but I don't have any pictures at the moment but I got you when I'm out of work. I like the rebel minnow too, and I've never used a whopper plopper on stripers but I have a feeling that it could work. 

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4 hours ago, codfish said:

Do you have a lure for catching fresh and saltwater fish?? please post a picture:) "7 inch Swimming Cape Cod Sand Eel in picture"

7inchswimming600x290sh (2).jpg

This plastic shape  is reminiscent of the mister twist grub tail bait in shape. Great all around lure fresh or salt. This sandeel pattern is a very good all around pattern too. I am not very convinced you need the fancy head but it can’t hurt. 

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Top 2 for me are jumpin minnows and albie snack.  I could also add in medium sized Zara spooks or crystal minnows.








purple albie snack made by coloring a white snack with a black sharpie:



sand eel snacks work too…


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