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2024 Fishing Goals Thread

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Dan K

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As is the the case every year (given that I both fly and spin fish), my goals involve a number of species I’ve caught on spinning gear but not yet on the fly…I want to catch as many of these species as possible on the fly (maybe even more so than catching something new altogether).


This involves fresh and saltwater fish, both here in the NE as well as in FL, including weakfish, speckled trout, redfish/red drum, black drum, lake trout, pike, tarpon, large jacks of 20lbs or more (have caught the little 1-2 lb’ers on the fly), king mackerel, northern/southern kingfish, bonnet head sharks, and a few others escaping my mind at the moment. 
As far as new species, the freshwater exotics of south Florida (peacock bass, jack knife fish, snake heads), plus something that’s a reasonable drive from MA, to catch walleye, hybrid stripers, etc). 

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1) Fish more often.

2) Convince myself that buying a Town of Brookhaven Night Fishing Permit as I have done for years is still the right thing to do although it seems the majority of others where I fish don't seem to feel the need nor suffer for it.

3) This one will probably require divine intervention, but find someplace on the north shore of Suffolk County that I don't need to avoid on weekend evenings between June and September due to crowds and the inconsiderate nature of many of the denizens.

4) Improve on my PBs of 32 inch Striper and 32-1/2 inch Bluefish. The blue was the best fight of my life, so would love to feel the exhilaration of that again.

"The fishing was good; it was the catching that was bad."   -- A.K. Best --


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On 6/10/2024 at 7:19 PM, Dan K said:

Knocked off catching a Northern! Otherwise barely made a dent so far 

Eh its been a tough year around us.   

my goal was slowly make it back from back surgery and hopefully be able to hit full speed by fall.  Full speed is relative for my slow 45yr old body

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On 6/11/2024 at 12:47 AM, catching fin said:
  • First east coast striper
  • First GT
  • 50lb+ tuna on spinning (so far only bft/yft in the 30's)
  • Check off lures that haven't connected with fish yet (aka justifying being a lure addict)

Sounds awesome.   Dont be a lure addict

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On 4/22/2024 at 3:07 PM, Dan K said:

You know the drill - post your goals for the year ahead!


My goals from last year and updated for 2024:


2023 Goals:
1. Catch 50 Striped Bass [achieved, 200+]

2. Catch a Striped Bass on a Popper [Achieved, 50+]

3. Catch a Striped Bass on a Bucktail [Achieved, 1]

4. Catch a Striped Bass on a Metal Lip [Achieved, ~10]

5. Catch a Striped Bass on a Sluggo [Achieved, 1, April 2024]

6. Catch a Striped Bass on a Needlefish [Not Achieved, successful with Bluefish]


2024 Goals:

1. Break my PB Striped Bass of 34LB with 35+LB

2. Catch a Striped Bass on a Needlefish

3. Catch a Striped Bass on a SS Darter or similar (not Mag D)

4. Catch a Striped Bass on a SS Bottle or similar

5. Catch 10+ Striped Bass on a Bucktail 

6. Catch a Tarpon (Miami Canals)

7. Catch a Northern Pike (Sacandaga Lake, NY)

8. Catch 3+ Snook (Miami Canals)


I wish everyone luck in successfully reaching their goals this year.



You caught 200plus 50s ?

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I haven't caught a snakehead yet, but I haven't really targeted them. I saw a couple at one of my Delaware river spots last year. 


I'm also looking for a 25" plus wild Brown.  I got quite a few this winter from 18-24", and I had one jump me off that was the one. 


Got my PB Musky, Brown, Walleye so far this year. 


Oh yeah, really hoping to see some Albies hit the beach this year. It's been too long.

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