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Bucktails and Bridges

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I've spent a lot of time under some local bridges fishing heavy current with bucktails and plastics.  In my 20's I used a Newell and ABU Garcia conventional but switched to spinning.  My main setup is a Lami 1321m with a spinnfisher 6500bls.  Now in my 50's I'm looking to try these spots with conventional again.  I could use some suggestions from the folks that also fish this way.  I am standing on some rocks and have to put a healthy bend in the rod at times to land the fish.  I will also cast some poppers when the blues run through.  All suggestions are appreciated.  

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I highly doubt they've ever made a rod to compete with the Allstar BreakAway 1209 for fishing up top bridges

Abu Morrum 7700 CL was the reel of choice, although I'm sure there's better stuff out there now.


I miss fishing the big bridges

I just wanta play everyday despite small nagging injuries --

and go home to a woman who appreciates how full of crap I truly am. ~ Crash Davis


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12 hours ago, BrianBM said:

As far as conventional tackle goes, I've become very fond of a Lexa 400 baitcaster. I have no recommendation of a current production rod.

I am thinking about this reel but I'm not sure of the rod length.

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In the situation you describe, my go-to is a Tsunami Swim Shad cast far enough upstream so that it is just off the sea bed as it swings across the channel.  
Try at slower times such as just before/after low tide or when the moon gives weaker tides.  
It goes without saying - at night.  

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