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Best striper lures

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In my years of accumulating expertise as well as becoming the “it guy” of the fishing world, I’ve broken down the best budget lures and will let you in on this secret:


1. Daiwa SP Minnow

2. Tsunami Talkin Popper

3. Tsunami Shad

4. Bucktail

5. Bomber Long A 


I will let you read my thread for more details on sizes and colors as I don’t give away free information. Tight lines!

Aspiring Dayquil Pro-Staffer.

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I would look into some megashads 

Lime and white On a 3/4 oz lead head, I use Al gags ,there great and give it wiggle. 


 Also another rubber is bass assassin in albino shad, you can use the same leadheads on them.

 just buy a pac. The rubber wont cost much and you can stuff them in your bag between your tube and bag.

 I'd add some metal lips to your bag,

I'd use bone, or jersey killer for starters.  

Know your just getting into it but look into needlefish 

 And maybe a slime, it's a wooden plug also.

 So I'd say 3 more lures and some rubber.


 On your sp minnows,  you can start out with.  , bone, I always get these in sink.   Wounded soldier  is great and a good old yeller,

On the bomber, get a black and gold

And maybe a sig green and a pink...

In time your plugs will grow in amount

 And as always needlefish are deadly...


Plug Ho!


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SP minnow, tins/spoons (these can get you as many blues as they will stripers) and of course the most versatile lure, the bucktail.  I get my bucktails from Tinman Tackle in NJ.  Great quality, variety and effectiveness.

"The fishing was good; it was the catching that was bad."   -- A.K. Best --


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