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with the water  so high . many of the river stream fisherman will be at the ponds & many of the ponds  are over their banks .I think it will be a fuster cluck ...........I,ll wait                but ILL  i,M CLOSE TO NUTS  ..  between the wind & rain an the GWB  horror show ,add By boat isn,t in   I have a small issue but the m/m has had trouble getting to look at it .........................NUTS  ><><

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Fished a small crik here in town this morning for an hour.  This water receives no direct trout stocking and has a thriving population of wild brookies.  I caught one on a #10 white krystal flash conehead wooly bugger.  I saw no one else fishing this creek but saw some others out fishing the local stocked waters.  Conditions were nice. water was clear and flowing great and due to this being a smaller stream the water was not raging to the banks.  

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Yes it is brother, which is the exact reason I rarely fish it.  I have not fished there in over five years because not many know about it.  I think the past few rainy Summers we have had, have allowed that brook to come back to life.  But, fishing small streams like anyplace else, has it's degree of technical challenge.  At this spot, stealth, staying low and treading softly is key to not spooking the fish from their lies and I know I spooked a few of them.

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Open Day of Trout Season. It always been a standing tradition in our family to look forward too and fishing on the 1st day of the season. I did with my father over 70 years ago, my son did it with me. Now my grandson Mason is into it. Three generations this morning and what a blast. Mason was top hook in the children's 15 years and younger pond catching and healthy releasing over 15 nice rainbow trout. All the rest caught just a few trout, but Mason comes from a long line of skilled anglers. What really worked today was flies. Mason is learning but he's way ahead of the curve. He's on his way to establishing a life time sport and hobby, and an appreciation for the environment. One other plus, nature's spectacular, watching an osprey hunt down a trout from 100 feet in the air. Wow! So cool. Natures way to provide for its creatures.


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Nothing flies by me without a hook!
If my fly is down, That's a good thing.

Public Access.....It's a shore thing. My daily requirement of "Vitamin Sea".

Capt. Ray Stachelek

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