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‘24 Shad Fishin

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Shad the poor man’s salmon. Incredible fish for mass waters . Conditions have to be perfect and you catch a wolf pack school moving up river is a Shad fishermans gift     Tbyrd. You are close to the river.  What water fps do you like.   50:000 is way too high 

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45 mins ago, TBYRD said:

50,000cfs…. Still a wee bit high :laugh:

We should start seeing smaller male “scouts” in a couple weeks if the temps and flow settles in. 

Definitely time to start making spoons and tune up the gear. 
I love this time of year :shaky:



Man you're pics come out good.


I forget, are you the guy that was making the spoons with the Dead paint job?

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I’ve found anywhere from 25 down to 15 is good with 20,000 being ideal for my favorite locations. 

And yes… My most productive leaf is the Dead pattern :shaky:

Ditch Troll #338

-Tight Lines

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3 hours ago, TBYRD said:



Aww ok, I remember you posting some of your own stuff..  I would never want to jeopardize giving up a fishing spot!  lol.. Did we ever meet up up in my area, I forget?  Ive been trying to get the first one over here, like a lot of guys, and now the river shoots back up lol... Fun times

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CT River down at East Haddam was flood stage. Even the Salmon River boat launch entry was flooded. I was down that way today, saw a tow truck pulling somebody out who tried to run thru the high water. Never a good idea! I'm determined to try for my first American shad this year. Will try the yak in about a week or so, once the flow slows down. 

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