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How to bleed a striped bass? Is it required to hit the fish head before bleeding it?

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Last time i went i just used a rock to hit hes head... (didnt have a fish bonker)and then use a knife to cut a few gills out...
Is it better to hit the fish head to "stun/kill" it first? (Is this step even required?)
Cut the gills out?
Can i just do a cut from the outside near the gills? 


Thank you

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There’s a video on YT / Vox called “the right way to kill a fish” … I’ve been doing that minus the last step with the backbone if I’m taking a fish 


the video shows the difference in the meat and it’s quite stunning the difference it can make 

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I'm a believer in cutting it from the outside in a" V "shape under the gills, almost until the head looks like it will fall off, and as soon as possible after it leaves the water. Bass are usually pretty lame after they are beached, plunking them on the noggin wan't help much of anything. 

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I just grab a handful of gills and rip them away from their base on bottom of the head. Then I put the fish head first into a 5 gallon bucket filled with sea water.  The idea is to keep the fish "breathing" so blood flows and they bleed out...


Some report that besides gill cutting/ripping, one should make a cut on each side by the the tail, severing the blood vessel that runs along the fish's lateral line on each side...

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2 hours ago, Good2Go said:

Kindest most painless way to kill an animal is to exsanguinate it. (bleed it). No head bashing required. 

I would prefer a complementary stunning blow to my head before you cut my throat, thank you.:)

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