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Golden Dorado in Argentina

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we just returned from Argentina fishing two different spots on the Parana' River.  First stop was in the Ysoro Wetlands at Jetu'u lodge.   Big flys and 8 wts were the best set up for here.  Lots of small channels and current.  Unlike peacock bass  dorado love current.  They stage in from of the obstruction unlike most fish I fish for who stage down current.  Lots of casts and more casts to get a bite.  When you get a bite they are very tough to keep a hook in.  This area holds mostly smaller fish but there are fish to 10 pounds.  


After three days we moved up river to  Itati .  It was a short 1 hour flight.  The river is big and the fish bigger.  My choice was the Sage Payload 9 wt with a RIO Tropical Predator Intermediate tip line.  Big flies and even more casts.  There is nothing easy about this fishery.  Less fish day but the chance of a big fish was with every cast.   Sarah and I got lucky and had 3 great fish-- 30, 22, 12 pound fish.


The guides are second to none and the people were so nice and the food over the top.  It was hard fishing but I am returning next year to give it another go.

_SMG5729-Enhanced-NR copy.jpg

_SMG5777-Enhanced-NR copy.JPG

_SMG5594-Enhanced-NR copy.jpg

BA8_0293 copy.jpg



_SMG5950 copy.jpg


BA8_1054-Enhanced-NR copy.jpg

BA8_1269-Enhanced-NR copy.jpg

BA8_2538-Enhanced-NR copy.jpg

BA8_2665-Enhanced-NR-2 copy.jpg

BA8_2792-Enhanced-NR copy.jpg

BA8_2167-Enhanced-NR copy.jpg

BA8_2122-Enhanced-NR copy.jpg

BA8_2298-Enhanced-NR copy.jpg




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Brian Horsley

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What an adventure.  Argentina is high on my places to visit with or without fishing.  Your photos are always fantastic.  That sunset shot of Sarah and the airborne shots should be magazine covers.  Well, if anyone still reads magazines anymore.  Great report.  

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Thanks. Funny thing about that sunset shot it was dark dark.  I used my cell phone flashlight for a light source.  
loved the people and the fishing making arrangements to return next year 

hard hard fishing — not a ton of bites and hard to keep hooked but I love the challenge 

Brian Horsley

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Thank you for an inspiring post.


Is there anything better than a night tying with great guides and then watching those flies get pummeled?  Especially when the patterns make sense and look right but they are never something you already have in your box or even in your library.  Then you tie a dozen. And they don’t produce anywhere else like they did on “that” trip. I love right time right place flies- really makes a trip special.

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On 3/29/2024 at 10:33 PM, BrianBM said:

Impressive mice.


It appears that the rule is Big N' Gaudy. But what kind of feathers are those, in the tail of the first fly pictures?

Probably regular American rooster saddle. Good inspiration for striped bass and musky flies 

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