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who still uses conventional for surf casting

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shark lobster

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I only fish with conventional gear.  Open beaches it's usually a 10.5' MOJO with a penn 515 mag.  I use Charlie Graves tins most of the time. 

For fluke at inlets it's a shimano scimitar 8' with an abu 5500.  A sinker with a single hook and squid strip. 

I have so many others but these are my go to.  

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4 hours ago, shark lobster said:

Just thought i would ask if anyone was still doing this ? I use a lexa 300 sometimes for surf casting inlets and back bays on a 9’ rod distance is not a issue nor is retrieving speed as its faster than my Vs.

That was fun last year the night you scored on your conventional! 

We had something in the works a few seasons ago.  We called it the squidder challenge. We could only fish with penn squidders and the loser bought the winner breakfast! Then covid hit and everything was closed so it was the loser had to cook the winner breakfast.  It kind of got away from us. 

I had my squidder all rigged up an an old glass rod with a kastmaster and a teaser:idea:,

Well it kind of got away from us this squidder challenge.  


troll #122  <*)))<





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2 mins ago, FISH BUCKET said:

Still use them just not nearly as much as i used to do…….



You know it must be a penguin bound down if you hear that terrible screaming and there ain't no other birds around. 

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I prefer conventionals  on the sand I use penn squidders 140's and my favorite a penn mag 980 I feel I have better control with conventionals and they were what I started out with

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Abu 6500 Mag Elite with a ball bearing levelwind for days where distance matters.

Shimano 400 Conquest for days where shifting wind can make conventional casting a little squirrelly.

Daiwa Lexa 300 or 400 for places like inlets or rivers where I need max power.


30# Berkeley Stealth on the first two, old Whiplash 50# on the Lexa.


Rods all depend on the day

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lexa 300 and 400, love them. 


especially heavy current areas working metal lips and back-feeding them, and for working bucktails/jigheads being able to control the depth more efficiently. 


I've found myself fishing spinning more often last season working open beaches, but I always have a conventional ready to go and mix it in.

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