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Dying bucktail olive?

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I don't tie or dye nearly as much as I used to, but in the past, I always just used RIT dye available at the grocery store. Herer is an old, but still topical thread that talks about my process and others chipped in thoughts and ideas too. Good luck, be sure to share some pics!




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You can get a RIT dye chart on-line.Using AKBests book I've dyed different shades of olive with great results.Keep a detailed record of dye measurements,soak time,temp.,etc. It may take a couple of attempts to get your shade.Prep. of the tails is important too. Oh! I did mine in the garage  on a plastic sheet covered bench. NOT the kitchen! 

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1 hour ago, Jayfish said:

Since we're in the topic any advice on dying tails chartreuse?

The RIT dye chart will tell you the recipe for colors close to what you want. Keeping a record of the amount of dye shades you add.The next batch can be modified to your shade of chartreuse.Time in the bath and temp make a difference.Keep a thermometer in the bath while timing.The temp will drop a bit depending on how many tails you do at once. I use a variable temp hot plate so I can regulate the temp. Trial and error is the name of the game.Oh! wear old clothes!

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