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Just came back from a ride around town, saw three deer, no coyotes, two turkeys in my yard and a squirrel.  What happened to all if the wildlife????????  I drove at least 5 miles and I live in the country......................

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49 mins ago, bassmaster said:

Ya I'm on that damn Nantucket 


Nantucket, I remember you telling me last summer how much you :heart: it out there.

I imagine those people have had about enough of you.

The Sultan of Sluggo

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12 hours ago, z-man said:

Liquid Fence deer and rabbit spray works pretty good to keep them from eating shrubs. You can get it at Home Depot. You have to respray after heavy rain though which unfortunately is very often lately. 

Hey thanks

Plug Ho!


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6 mins ago, FizzyFish said:

nope, never ride dirt bikes and unlike you I'm not fat.

haha all the same to me.  Motorcycle's, dirt bikes who gives a ****.  I like fishing.  Its a fishing website.  Sick vroom vroom though

Election Randy Marsh GIF by South Park

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1 hour ago, pogie_boy said:

Pronghorn antelope backstrap with mushrooms for dinner yesterday.

fried in a cast iron pan.

I had always heard pronghorn was an unappetizing gamy meat. Like eating wild goat. I don't think I ever tried it myself. I say I don't think, only because over the years I've been to a bunch of game dinners and exotic food restaurants and have at least tried a nibble or two of whatever oddball meat was out there. I don't specifically remember eating pronghorn. If I did, it didn't leave a mark on my memory. 

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