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Sounds sketchy I know

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Have a co worker that I worked with for 20+ years. Totally on the up and up. She retired a few years ago. Friday she found her partner dead in the back yard. She refers to him as her husband but they weren't actually married. They were together for years. They kept their finances separate. She texted our personal group asking how to be able to get into his HP laptop because he never gave her the info or wrote down his PWD. All of his financial info is on that including his will. Any idea how she can gain access. She just texted our group (5 people) asking for ideas. He has kids, she has kids but none together.  Just trying to help her out and get her pointed in some direction to figure this out. Figured I would ask. 

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If I were you I wouldn't intervene.  It can do them good, or bad in a way. Just let her go through legal channel to sort these things out. Some people don't get married for this specific reason.

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I hate to say it but, sounds like he didn’t give her anything.  Otherwise, she’d have copies of his will and access to his banks accounts so she would have money to bury him.  


SOL OG #47

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This is his children's responsibility. 

She is SOL unless they find a will


Is this a common law state?


If so, she will have some standing. 





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