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Fishing with Assrod

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20 hours ago, Bergallmaster said:

Probably didnt oil his line. 


Seems to me that all that does is give you a face full of oil on the first few casts. :laugh:

"…if catching fish is your only objective, you are either new to the game or too narrowly focused on measurable results.” - D. Stuver

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Posted (edited)

Day 9:

In the midst of recovering from the tragedy which was my Van Staal VSX 200 (black) seizing up on me just a couple of nights ago, I promptly took the necessary actions needed to get my cherished workhorse of a reel back in tip top shape. This of course, was by sending it to an authorized Van Staal Warranty and Service Center (I always go through Saltwaters as Mike is a pleasure to deal with).


After kissing my reel goodbye (for now) and sending her on her way for a well deserved spa day, I caught up on house chores and initiated my favorite time of the year: spring cleaning! If you know me well, you’ll quickly figure out that although I am considered to be a freak in some areas, “neat freak” is not a terminology that would be used to describe a handsome devil such as myself. 

After cleaning my car, garage, house, and sorting through my fishing gear, I felt accomplished enough to sit back and ponder my life as an avid fisherman and continue to ask myself, why do we do what we do? Is it the fish, the hunt, the feeling of entering in to a foreign realm and conquering the unknown? Who knows, I sure don’t! Until next time.


Lesson learned/tip of the day:

What if it isn’t for the fish we catch, but for the friends we make along the way. 


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Aspiring Dayquil Pro-Staffer.

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As much as some try, inanimate objects arent friends. The look of yearing on your face, while staring at the plug is a bit concerning.

the human race has proved darwins theory of evolution wrong. we let the dumb survive. 

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Day 10:


Today is Sunday, so this only meant one thing. I have to have a Sunday Funday, and my way of having a Sunday Funday is by waking up bright and early (around 3:45am) and going to my study to catch up on John Skinner videos.


The video which stood out to me the most, was Mr. Skinner’s video on fishing minnow style plugs, particularly the Bomber Long A (16A) in the color scheme “Chicken Scratch”. What I loved most about this video aside from his soothing voice being reminiscent to that of a distant grandfatherly figure, was his ability to confer the knowledge that he has gained through decades of trial and error in the sport of surfcasting in such a clear and authentic way. We need more wise and seasoned fishermen to come forward and assist in the formation of this up and coming generation of fishermen with a hunger to pursue striped bass as well as any other predatory ambush oriented species that may be lurking in their fishing spot of choice.


Inspired by the the newfound knowledge that I gained through closely studying Mr. Skinners instructional video with a more in depth approach on the Bomber Long A (16A) in question, I took to the water with my very own Bomber Long A (16A) in Chicken Scratch, and tried to recreate the exact same low light condition approach as Mr. Skinner and I was rendered breathless in the awe of what had occurred- A trophy striped bass had come out of nowhere, and inhaled my Bomber Long A (16A) right before my eyes!


I am particularly proud of this catch, because it took humbling myself down to the level of a scholar rather than the expert that I esteem myself to be, to be able to produce the strike of a trophy striped bass on a fundamental lure and newly rediscovered favorite that I had neglected in the past. I highly recommend that all of you who want to catch more fish, not only study Mr. Skinner’s content very closely, but add a couple of Bomber Long A (16A) in Chicken Scratch to your arsenal of fishing lures.


Today’s lesson/tip of the day:

Humility is always the answer. 




Aspiring Dayquil Pro-Staffer.

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Day 11:


Monday. Here we go. Rise and grind, this is where we separate the boys from the men.


Full moon, the light illuminating out from the sky and on to the surface of the saltwater where tonight’s trophy could very well be prowling and waiting to pounce. Makes you just want to howl and release the beast within in anticipation. There’s nothing more primal than being one with nature, man versus beast, beast versus man. Be the man and be the beast Beasts with stripes are on my agenda, and I’m starting to awaken as the adrenaline pumps through my veins.

I will be expressing my wild side by stepping out in to the elements with my Lamiglas Infinity Surf 10’ 2-5 along with my Van Staal VSX250 spooled with 50 pound braid, and an 80 pound mono leader to finish the job. We attach our plugs by method of a tactical angler clip of the 125 pound variety. This maximizes my ability to find the presentation most fitting for the task at hand, and that task is to dance in the moonlight with good ole Rosemarie. Buckle up boys, it’s time to ride.


Today’s lesson/tip of the day:

Be wild. 


Aspiring Dayquil Pro-Staffer.

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