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Fishing with Assrod

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1 hour ago, ASrod said:

Day 6:


With the weather seemingly on the upswing back in to seeming more like spring again, I spent the better part of day gardening and then baking some loaves of sourdough as a key component for the hors d'oeuvres I prepared for my wife’s book club meeting.


After performing my duties and packing the car, I was well on my way to one of my favorite little fishing holes in the entire world.

My weapon of choice was none other than my Van Staal VSX-2 150 (spooled with 30 pound Suffix 832 braided line), and my Lamiglas Infinity Surf 9’ 1-3 which is a superb rod for this method of fishing where the objective is to cast as far in to a rip as possible (this is accomplished with a Daiwa 6” SP Minnow, floating model).


I was able to properly work the underwater structure thanks to the high quality construction of the rod and reel I opted to use, as well as the wind and tide conditions furthering my advantage over the fish.


After a long two hours of fishing relentlessly, I was able to catch a trophy 30 inch striper! This fish tested both the abilities of my tackle as well as my abilities as a fisherman, and will always be a fish I look back to when I think about times where I needed to impart technique and expertise to provoke a bite.


Today’s lesson/tip of the day:

The rod and reel you choose can have an impact on the fish you catch.




Nice. Congrats on your trophy....but can we get to the important stuff? Like, are there any hotties in your wifes book club? 




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Posted (edited)

Day 7:


After a vigorous week of fishing as well as a hectic week at my 9 to 5, I was extremely tempted to throw in the towel and catch up on household chores such as bathing my pet chickens and typing up my weekly affirmations for those I care about.


These plans came to a red hot screeching halt when I received a phone call from my long time fishing buddy who was projecting the sunset bite at a spot that carries a reputation for producing nights to remember for fishermen, as well as those who partake in some springtime romance with a lovely view of the sunset as a delightful bonus.

I clipped on a relatively average sized pencil popper (around 5 inches) and started working it up and down the current seam formed by a point that extends in to the body of water and to my surprise, had three fish within my first three casts! There was a periodic trend of catching two or three fish in a short window of time for the remainder of the tide, and we both ended up with around 12 to 15 fish, and although none of them were trophy sized giants, there’s nothing better than fishing with a good friend.


I’d like to take another moment to thank an honorable mention who made this trip possible: If it weren’t for Dunkin’ Donuts, I wouldn’t have been able to find the energy to make the trip and catch those fish. Their superb array of different styles of coffee based drinks are exactly what an angler needs to be able to spend time on the nautical nightshift.


Lessons learned/Tip of the day:

Dunkin’ detours always pay off.


Edited by ASrod

Aspiring Dayquil Pro-Staffer.

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Day 8:


This past trip left a lot to be desired. Not only are the fish edging me on every spectrum such as testing my physical, psychological, and emotional abilities, my gear has followed in the fish’s footsteps (or should I say FISH steps)!


I hiked approximately two miles to a remotely located inlet with nothing but my St. Croix Legend Surf 9’ 1-4 (moderate fast) paired with my Van Staal VSX200 loaded up with 40 pound power pro (I prefer Suffix 832 but needed new line in a pinch), and my plug bag. Due to several unfortunate factors such as snagging and losing plugs and being broken off in the rocks by fish, I was forced to retie half a dozen times as well as the money spend on plugs and top of the line hooks to ensure that my fish would unbutton once on the receiving end of my line.


To top it all off, my fishing trip came to an abrupt ending when my Van Staal VSX200 seized at the bottom of the cranking revolution, and this prevented me from being able to fish any further.


Hopefully the new set of tides will also bring in some luck in my favor, until then we keep moving forward!


Today’s lesson/tip of the day:

Always make sure your gear is on the same page as you. 

Aspiring Dayquil Pro-Staffer.

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