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Fishing with Assrod

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Day 3:


As I stood on the shoreline slinging my Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow (floating of course), I observed the changing of tides before my own eyes. A phenomenon that happens approximately four times a day. During this change in the water’s behavior, I also witnessed the arrival of adult menhaden (bunker) in to the area in which I was fishing.


Right when everything went silent, as if the world had stopped all together, my Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow (floating) stopped dead in its tracks and before I had time to comprehend the opposition at the end of my line, I was losing line and unable to regain control of the situation. I was able to recover 30 yards of line and saw the stripes of a true behemoth in the reflection of the moonlight. This behemoth used the current to its advantage and subsequently dislodged the hooks of my Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow by shaking her head and using the current to her advantage. That’s all she wrote.


Where did you come from, where did you go, where did you come from, stripey lined Joe? 


Today’s lesson/tip of the day:

You win some, you lose some.



If you can dream it, I can meme it.

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Day 4:


I couldn’t be more certain that the fish are plotting against me, I just know it this time. It’s as if every time I think I’m a set ahead of them, they change their course all together. It doesn’t matter if I’m using a Tsunami Salt X and Dark Matter “John Skinner” Series surf rod, and loading my Tsunami Talkin poppers perfectly, or using a Van Staal on a Lamiglas GSB1321M Old School. They just don’t want what I’m offering. Cast after cast, book after book, YouTube video after YouTube video, something has to give, I need to beat these fish at their own game. Maybe it’s time I try something new, like a dark matter pencil popper? Who knows anymore. Anyways, enough ranting. It’s beer o’clock. 

Today’s lesson/tip of the day:

You never lose when there’s beer in the fridge.

If you can dream it, I can meme it.

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Some guys can have fish breaking in front of them and they can’t catch. That’s life. 

4 hours ago, the3fishheads said:

Have the wife rub you down with bunker oil.

Swim around in a circle and throw a chunk in the middle.

Report back.



This might be your only option. 

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