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Fishing with Assrod

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4 hours ago, DerrickT said:

Not out of the Chesapeake.  He hasnt figured out yet that there is hardly any bass left to catch.  He'd be better off crabbing


You can't catch crabs with a vs. It's in the manual.

the human race has proved darwins theory of evolution wrong. we let the dumb survive. 

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Day 37:


37… Such a peculiar number. There’s something so odd yet intriguing about this number. But to me, it holds a significance that those of you faithful readers will come to learn about as this thread develops over the course of the fishing season.


Today’s example of the number 37 is a little less deep than the fullness of the significance that keeps this number dear to my heart. The example is how if you take all of the averages of my fishing trips from the past week, the average amount of times that I would cast before enticing a bite would be, you guessed it, 4. However, the number of fish I would catch per trip averaged at 37.


Reason being is that yes, I acknowledge that I am a special degree of rare talent. And yes, I acknowledge that I have the advantage of possessing the tools necessary for the job (Van Staal reels, Lamiglas and St. Croix rods, yellow power pro braided line). But these articles of gear do not define me as an angler. What defines me is my tenacity, courage, and hunger. In a cut throat sport such as fishing, the only thing hungrier and angrier than the fish you’re trying to catch should be you, and you need to bring out a degree of animalistic behavior to be one with the prey, and be willing to lose it all in order to achieve your destiny.


Today’s lesson/tip of the day:

Make fishin’ your mission.

Aspiring Dayquil Pro-Staffer.

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Posted (edited)

Day 38:


The importance of good fishing pliers is something in which most anglers take for granted. Some will get the hardware store special, some might even get the El Cheapo’s from their local tackle shop. But a select few will pay their due diligence and acquire the pliers necessary for proper hook removal from the jaws of a monstrous striped bass, bluefish, or any other species.


For those of you who read my plier mega thread around four or five years ago, you know that I take my pliers seriously. As a former professional, now currently competing tennis player, it is crucial that I preserve the integrity of my tendons and muscular structure of these two hands of mine. I prefer to grab my fish using either a Boga Grip (60 pound), or a Fish Grip (standard size, orange), and practice safe hook removal with my Van Staal 7” Titanium Pliers, which are tucked away safely on my belt in my Van Staal Leather Plier Sheath. 

I have used them all. From the $3 Lowe’s pliers, the Sargent Sportsmate, and the Danco Premio Pliers, and all of them have failed whether it be corrosion resistance or jaws breaking due to a minimum amount of applied pressure. In the case of the Van Staal 7” Titanium Pliers, I am yet to experience heartache even while removing 4/0 Mustad 5X hooks from a trophy sized 31” Striped Bass.


If you want to be a fisherman, get what you need. If you want to be elite, get what others don’t have. And in this case, not many anglers will be found on the beach with a Van Staal VSX-2 150 (black, 30 pound suffix 832 in green) and a Lamiglas Infinity Surf 9’ 1-3 with a pair of Van Staal 7” Titanium Pliers in a Van Staal Leather Plier Sheath, but the select few who are found with such equipment, will often be found with a trophy Striped Bass alongside them.


Photographed below is an astonishing catch that was unhooked using my Van Staal 7” Titanium Pliers.


Today’s lesson/tip of the day:

Go the extra mile.


Edited by ASrod

Aspiring Dayquil Pro-Staffer.

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2 hours ago, Livefreeordie said:

The shirtless on the jetty at night during the cow blitz scene will make a good trailer 

Yes, will he choose love and family, or the cow blitz? A young man torn between two worlds……..

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