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Howard’s Jet Swimmer


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I’ve looked around, including searching SOL, for more info on the Howard’s Jet Swimmer and I’m finding info. on the lure and it’s makers hard to come by. The basic info. is that the plug was built by Howard Ladig in partnership with John Gamsby of the J&H Tackle company out of Wrentham, Mass between 1952 and 1957. Interestingly (to me anyway) the only 2 descriptions I find for this plug put it at 6” while the one I came across is 6 1/2”. Anyone know anything else about this plugs history? Anyone ever fish one? Seems like a short, fat version of an atom but the weight scheme is quite different. The plug also has a unique tail grommet configuration, it’s actually 3 different sized grommets stacked inside/on each other. Neat plug and I’m wondering how well they fished.21975632-0D0B-4E15-8370-0E829A53F461.jpeg.687c80a6ae377b000ed83c012e85c7e9.jpeg7B41FBCA-4D2B-4137-89C3-9BA4C3F7FB44.jpeg.5d7d32743c44aafba4d285bd80b5d909.jpeg

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12 hours ago, Thirteen said:

Hey VW. I don’t know much either than a friend of mine has that same plug in red. I know they also made poppers as well. Sorry, that’s all I got.

Thanks for thinking about it and letting me know!

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