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Slammer IV 3500 DX noise


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Posted this in main forum but adfing here too for any feedback from Penn.


"Received my brand new Slammer IV 3500 DX last week.  Spooled it up with 20# X9 braid.  Took it out for a trial run today just to check it out and noticed a somewhat pronounced 'whirrng' sound upon retrieve.   Left after about 10 casts.  I did not hear the sound when I first opened and tried out the reel to insure it was working, e. g. - drag knob adjustment working, bail flip, reeling with empty spool, etc. I do not recall hearing the sound when spooling line onto the reel either, but my line spooling set up is kind of noisy.  To try and isolate it, I removed my leader, took the reel off the rod and cranked it.  I got no such noise which would indicate to me the line roller as the source.  I have a larger model Slammer IV (not DX) and did not experience this on that reel. I have had situations with other reels where I needed to dissemble, clean and lube the line roller due to noise, but only after significant use.

So my question before I go back to the seller is if anyone knows if the line roller (Hydrophobic Line Roller Bearing) is supposed to be that noisy or is it an indication of a problem or defect.

Bit of a long explanation but thanks for reading and for any feedback you have.  I will also post this in the Penn forum for their input "

"The fishing was good; it was the catching that was bad."   -- A.K. Best --


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9 hours ago, PENN Fishing said:

Hello LI_Angler,  


Thanks for reaching out.  If the reel is brand new it is covered under warranty.  I will send you instructions on how to send it in for warranty repair.



once again, Penn is the best!

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