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Passaic river below Little Falls?


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Not the river your asking about but I'd give it a go.  One of the best spots I found was a river, behind a crappy mall in the middle of a slum. 

Zero fishing pressure.  I pulled a rainbow over 22in from a sunken shopping cart. 

Upstream, the richer towns had the usual pressure, but people somehow forgot downstream existed as well. 

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There are gems all along the passaic. the scenery might be crummy and a shopping cart or aluminum truck rim might be the best structure in a pool but there used to be some good smallmouth fishing in the stretch between the falls.  

It's been a while since I poked around that river but it can't hurt to try. 


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I fish the Passaic below Little Falls a few times a year, sometimes in my kayak. Decent smallmouth fishing. I don't target them, but it also has pike and huge carp.

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