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Higher quality chest pack?

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I fly with a personal bag only, some of the time. During the winter, I can wear a hoodie with a pouch, winter jacket with pockets, for tackle, etc. But for warm weather, I wear a small chest pack (note it is not a backpack which would be another personal item) which could actually be covered by a hoodie if I wore it that way. Holds a single Plano box, about 8x5” which barely fits. This evades the 2nd personal item constraint.


Any surf equipment makers that produce a similar product strapped to the chest? Not looking for something with 7 pockets and a water bottle holder, low profile only.


Like a Flatlander or Gearup?







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I talked to Gear Up at one of the shows last year with the same concept in mind. I never pulled the trigger but you could consider messaging directly.


You could also look into the tactical gear world at some quality nylon options. Lots of modularity between companies, Ferro concepts, Spiritus Systems, Haley Strategic, Crye. You might need to add some grommets.

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I was going to suggest looking at military surplus. There are many different chest plate carriers, vests, and harnesses with PALS/molle panels that would let you store a small plano style box, and some that are small enough to be worn under a hoodie/jacket if needed.


Don't confine yourself to just USA surplus, but look at other countries (especially NATO countries if looking for PALS/molle, so Great Britain, Germany, Canada, France among others).

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Lots of guys in the South East use tackle bags like this since they wade out pretty deep on the flats. A buddy in Florida I fished with uses a Feral Concepts Satchel and really likes it. I was impressed by the super heavy duty materials/construction and may order one now too.




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