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What do you do with a 24 oz pyramid sinker ?

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One of the bigger lead brands sells 20 and 24 oz lead pyramid sinkers. I can't even dream up a use case. Anyone know what these are for ? I don't even think the 'garbage man' is chunking with these in the middle of a hurricane. 

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Saw people using pyramid sinkers mutton snapper fishing.  The reel in freespool with the weight on or near the bottom.  Maybe it will help keep the weight stay put on the bottom with less movement on or off the bottom

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2 hours ago, foxfai said:

No, never cannonball. Those rolls around 600ft at the bottom of the trench. But fishing for tilefish usually requires 1-4 lb of sinker.

When I've fished deep water it's always been either a bank sinker or a flat diamond, with the latter better because you can tape a couple of 20-ounce sinkers together and they still make a compact package.

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