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Information ... please!

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I must be getting older AND stupider.


Searching for information is getting harder and harder all the time.  Anyone else notice that?


The results returned, in most browsers and search engines, are increasingly geared to selling stuff. 


Yeah, I've been starting threads like this for 5+ years, mostly in the assbaby, but it's worse than ever now!


I swear they (whomever you wish to blame) have conspired to make it not worth your time to do any research on the internet :( 


What to do about it?


I'm looking for solutions, but will welcome complaints and ridicule too!

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4 mins ago, DoOver said:

You are the product the 'free' search engines are selling.

They 'know' what you want before you even seach for it.


That definitely cracked me up!


Hey, tell me the name of one that I can pay for.  If it's better I'll consider it, for the right price!

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Do a search for “enshitifacation”

"I have ... put a lump of ice into an equal quantity of water ...  if a little sea salt be added to the water we shall produce a fluid sensibly colder than the ice was in the beginning, which has appeared a curious and puzzling thing to those unacquainted with the general fact."- Joseph Black

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8 hours ago, DoorGunner said:


Porn. No problem here. 


Now they want you to prove your over 18 or someshit lol

how lucky am i

to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard

Shooting a coon in a 60ft tree out of a boat in the dark holding a flashlight can be tricky. ..

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11 hours ago, Jdeadman66 said:

That’s why we just come to the tavern and ask 


11 hours ago, Jdeadman66 said:

Maybe the op should just ask us what he wants to ask the web

I'm doing this now in another thread. I know somewhere in all the abuse I'll get an answer.

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